What is news and why some of the stories are not news for news channels? There is one and only one answer to these questions. It is the prerogative of Input and Output department of the channel. The School of Journalism & Mass Communication organized special lectures on “The Role of Input & Output Department in News Channels” to educate and familiarize the students of SJMC on these issues.

There was an overwhelming response from the students and they interacted with the guest speaker’s during question-answer session. Mr. Gurpreet Singh, Input Head of P7 News Channel explained the process and criteria of the selection and collection of news. He further explained how the Input department collects the raw news stories from the Local Correspondents, Bureaus throughout the country, along with news feeds from various Agencies, Foreign Correspondents and Retainers. He explained the priorities of the News Channels and elaborated the different modes of operations and strategies applied for news gathering.

The next session was conducted by Mr. Anurag Sharma, Deputy Output Head of Star News. He discussed the ways of selecting news for the day and how the run-down is decided, prepared and updated for the whole day. He explained how the news gathered by the Input department is given the final shape and is finally presented on the TV Screen. Mr. Anurag differentiated between news and advertisement and clarified the parameters of TAM / TRP. In the discussion he emphasized about the latest trends of news selection and the reason for story drop out. He satisfied the queries of the students regarding the demands of the Media Industry.


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