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Why BCA course is still in demand by the youth as an Undergraduate course?

A degree in BCA applications gives sufficient extension for an amazing vocation improvement. The BCA is taking into account the requirements of the understudies seeking to exceed expectations in the fields of computers. It is a Government Recognized Bachelor Degree under UGC keep running by University. It furnishes graduates with the majority of the aptitude, learning and states of mind important to function as powerful and dependable Software Professionals in the quick changing current hierarchical condition. The graduates of the program have a strong establishment in modern processing or imperative parts of software engineering and scrutinize and enhance the utilization of most recent advancements to work in fields of Computer Applications in different divisions together with web innovations, E-business condition and so forth. They are all around prepared to fill in as experts in the fields of programming advancement, plan and usage. The BCA course is very well known among teenagers…

How to preserve Your Data Digitally

Digital Preservation refers to the mechanism applied on digital material like  files, or groups of files, that contain information in digital form for keeping them alive so that they can be accessed and used later even in the situation where the hardware and the software becomes obsolete or non-usable. It is important for managing personal data as well as it is equally important for larger repositories that manages various objects. It focuses on long term use of digital objects to avoid the issues like, migration (related to transferring of data or files from one storage to another), data redundancy (where copies of a particular files have been created) and emulation (when someone tries to imitate the original work of someone else). As the obsolescence of technology is more in comparison to any other field, So we need to manage more actively our digital possessions to help them in their protection and it has created the requirement of creating the versatile and appropriate technical sol…

Sales ka Superstar

Sales ka superstar workshop was conducted for BBA and BCA scholars students was about orientating students towards becoming good at sales by Mr  Sandeep Wadehra well known  trainer, life coach and motivational speaker. During his session he focused upon the various myth associated with sales that great salesman are born with an inherent natural talent, that you should be a great orator to achieve good sales, that making the actual sale and receiving payment is everything and that sales people are not trustworthy. He clarified all the associated myths one by one and urged the students to follow the rules encapsulated in his presentation to become a superstar of sales.

New Member (Lambda Expressions) in Java 8

Lambda statement will be another furthermore essential characteristic of Java which have been incorporated to Java SE 8. Lambda expressions are essential to define inline implementation of a Functional interface, i.e. , an interface with a single method only. Lambda expression dispenses with the need of an anonymous class and provides for a straightforward yet capable practical modifying proficiency with java. Preceding lambda expression, anonymous inner class have been the only choice on execute the method. In other words, it is a substitution of Java anonymous inner class, which is used if we have to pass some functionality to any method. Java lambda expression may be dealt as a function, so compiler doesn't make. class file. They need no access modifier(private, public or protected), no return type and no name.
Syntax:               (parameters) -> {body} Lambda operator Java Lambda Expression comprised of three segments: 1) Parameters: It could a chance to be void or non-empt…

Embrace Never Give Up Attitude

Giving up, it seems like such a weak thing to do. But what we fail to realize is its inevitability and constancy in our lives. We’re always giving up something for the other, be it one opportunity for another, one person for another and so on. In retrospect, we all have given up on a lot to get to wherever we are, with the people we’re there with. What’s more scarier than giving up, is the reason behind giving up. Some people give up due to broken spirits, some due in order to grasp something better, some in order to survive and fight another day. The reasons to give up are just as numerous as the people who exercise those reasons. What should one give up on? If in life giving up is an inevitability, then how do we realize what’s meant to be given up on? I think, the difference between giving up and letting go is the same as the difference between needs and wants. Letting go, is a luxury only the ones with excess can enjoy. If one ever has been faced with the ugly fate of giving up, …


Dear Students, At the outset, a hearty welcome to you all to this blog, another initiative being rolled out with a view to build a better YOU.  I hope that each one of you goes through this blog religiously and benefits with the thoughts shared. I would also welcome your feedback on it – queries, clarifications, suggestions etc. You are at the threshold in your life which is the transition from a student to a professional in the Corporate World. Excellence in your core skills in the IT sector that you are associated with is an absolute necessity. However core skills which are largely technical in nature alone would not be enough to bring out the best in you in the professional arena. Companies today look forward to a “complete” inductee who is proficient in the core as well as soft skills. The combination of Soft Skills with the core ones is what makes a professional deliver and meet the expectations of the employers. Having said that, I would now like to briefly take you through som…


"According to the survey conducted by the senior executives, 76 per cent believe that their organizations need to develop global-leadership capabilities, but only seven per cent at present are working effectively. 30 per cent of US companies admit that they have completely failed to exploit their international business opportunities.
Leadership in 21st century is not an easy task. The shell life of a modernistic leader is not so easy because their life is so challenging and they are known as the pillars of their organisations, they need to inspire a variegated group of people. Thus a leader needs to be extraordinary and dynamic for achieving these characteristics one needs to be a strong communicator.
Apart from being a strong communicator, a leader or more importantly a global leader should have strategic perspective, customer focus and understanding, ability to spot trends and connect the dots, engage and commit teams, willingness to take risks, have a deep knowledge and experti…

Turning India into a Cashless Economy

During the past two decades, India has hard-pressed to become less–cash society. In 1990, the Reserve Bank of India led the development of technological infrastructure that assisted the creation of a payment and settlement ecosystem. Then, in 2007, the Parliament of India has passed the Payment and Settlement Systems Act, after which RBI came up with the vision documents for 2009-12, 2012-15 and 2015-18 in order to promote wider acceptance of electronic payments in the economy. The Government of India has encouraged this shift towards cash-less society with its initiative for digitalization through JAM Trinity: Jan-Dhan Yojana, Aadhaar, and mobile connectivity.The Government and the Central Bank i.e. RBI are making many efforts to minimize the use of cash by encouraging the digital payment devices which includes prepaid cards, smart cards etc. RBI’s work to promote these new varieties of settlement and payment facilities aims to achieve the goal of a ‘cash less’ society. Here, the ter…


Professional ethics is a set of rules that govern natural behavior within the context of a particular profession.Here are some tips on professional behaviors at work.Remember employers often look more at the soft skills and expect your commitment to them.You need to make sure you attend work on the agreed days and times. It is always best to turn up earlier for work so you are ready to start on time. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for the job role. Clean and Odor free clothes should be worn. Be respectful and supportive of colleagues. Also respect confidentiality.
In the today’s cyber world the security related with the companies data is much more concern. Hackers can use IP address and try to access computer data for their selfish reasons. So be careful in storing and retrieving the data. Immediate stop inappropriate use of computing resources. Follow up software piracy rules. One should act with integrity. Effective communication is essential e.g. Verbal, written and unsp…

Career opportunities for MBA in digital marketing

MBA in marketing, considered to be the most popular course among management students, has transformed itself digitally in the last decade.  This field drastically includes digital marketing strategies within its fold. Today marketing and digital marketing run together, and the main principles of both stay rooted in sales promotion of products and services in the market.
The strategies in digital marketing are widely different and more effective than the traditional tactics. With rising popularity and further diversification of the field, management experts needed to setup an independent digital marketing specialization for MBA courses. MBA in digital marketing is a bit confusing for the management aspirants, who do not understand the basic differences between these two fields. Digital Marketing is for those who find within themselves a creative spark and passion for the internet.
The course needs to create brand awareness among the target group. To increase the communication, we use on…

Market ready skills a must for managers

When many people think of an MBA, they tend to presume that students are looking for a C-suite, executive-style position – and they are therefore looking for a qualification to help achieve their career goals. An MBA is no longer solely about becoming a CEO – people from across the globe are undertaking the degree in order to reinforce their business understanding in a variety of areas.
In undertaking an MBA, some students opt to study a specialized stream, which focuses on one particular area of interest or business discipline where they think they’ll excel, or where they believe the most value lies for their future career. For some students, this passion and drive is in the field of Marketing, and in a managerial role. Like all MBA degrees, students will gain key skills in leadership, management, operations, finance and human resources – but the marketing specialization allows students to explore the world of marketing and communications management in greater detail, and develop a st…

Bhagwat Geeta – A Motivational Tool & Management Approach

The Bhagavad Geeta means, Song of the Lord and includes all the tactics, principles and strategies of management which if, applied in today’s world can be extremely fruitful . The teacher of the Bhagavad Geeta is Lord Krishna who has very well explained all the management principles and tactics to his disciple Arjun. It majorly emphasizes on all the Management Principles which are very much relevant today’s world. Lord Krishna had preached allthe management principles in Bhagwat Gitaand also introduced modern management concepts long before Peter Ducker, Fayol, Taylor and other Management gurus. As Arjuna was under depression and unhappy when he had to fight with his people in Kurukshetra, Lord Krishna reminded him his duties as a warrior and prince, motivated and counseled him to perform his duty and tried to remove problem of emotional and intellect conflict as we also sometimes face in todays world and he also taught all the management principles and tactics like Honesty, Sincerity, T…

Business skills can enhance your career

'Developing a small business into a successful enterprise demands more than just passion’. Over half of new businesses fail mainly because the entrepreneur is unable to translate their passion into practical business skills. Success demands more than hard work, resilience, and expertise in a field. In order to succeed, one needs to understand and become proficient in a set of fundamental business skills.
Business requires an amalgamation of "diverse, transferable skills that  gives of a versatile, well-rounded candidate who has a good understanding of the industry and is able to adapt in 5the environment as needed. Running a small business requires becoming a jack-of-all-trades. It is important to know early on which skills one has and those that will have to be learnt or delegated to others.
It is all about making sure that the customer has an exceptional experience every time, so this skill should be at the top of your list. Similarly, further mentioned are the skills that …