Embrace Never Give Up Attitude

Giving up, it seems like such a weak thing to do. But what we fail to realize is its inevitability and constancy in our lives. We’re always giving up something for the other, be it one opportunity for another, one person for another and so on. In retrospect, we all have given up on a lot to get to wherever we are, with the people we’re there with. What’s more scarier than giving up, is the reason behind giving up. Some people give up due to broken spirits, some due in order to grasp something better, some in order to survive and fight another day. The reasons to give up are just as numerous as the people who exercise those reasons. What should one give up on? If in life giving up is an inevitability, then how do we realize what’s meant to be given up on? I think, the difference between giving up and letting go is the same as the difference between needs and wants. Letting go, is a luxury only the ones with excess can enjoy. If one ever has been faced with the ugly fate of giving up, it helps to ask yourself, “Why am I giving this up?” Is the person or thing, or situation bringing you down? Is it stopping you from reaching your true potential? To make it a bit simpler to comprehend, one should always give up on the things or people who spread about negativity in their lives and stop you from reaching your true potential. One should give up smoking, give up on giving excuses to not exercise, give up on the people who don’t value you. It’ll be tough, it’ll be arduous, there’ll be moments when you’ll give in to the temptations, but remember one thing; Never give up on yourself. Even if you give up on the will to move forward, to progress, don’t give up on life. You owe it to others, if not yourself, you owe to the ones who brought you into this world. In the end I’d like to remind of you one simple fact, Only you care and think about yourself the most. You are the most precious gift to yourself and the world around you. You alone are reason enough to never give up on yourself and your potential, but rather give up the very things that hinder you from realizing your true potential.

Courtesy: Mr.Jaisal singh Chauhan  (Student, BBA Scholrs-IMS Noida)

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