Best out of waste competition@IMSNOIDA.IN

In the new session Creative Club activities of BCA started with “Best out of waste Competition” in IT Department of IMS NOIDA. This event was held on 23rd only creativity and presentation skills but also helped the students to realize the importance of recycling and reusing waste material available to them.The program began with the formation of teams, for enhancing the team spirit in the students while working. Ms. Nancy Mendiratta and Ms. Nidhi Sharma (Creative Club In-Charges) guided the students over how to use waste material available at home.Students were engaged in handicrafts using plastic bottle , sticks , newspapers, fused bulb, bottle cap and so on during the competition. They created Pen Stand , Flower vase , Night Lamp , Jewellery box and so on.

Students actively participated in the event. 

Group 1 won the First Prize in the event (Pen Stand). Following are the members of the team:
• Minal
• Chetna
• Megha

Group 3 - 1st

• Ravi Poonia
• Parth
• Sahil
• Pankaj

Group 2- 2nd

• Sujata
• Pragya
• Sambhav
• Shikha
• Surbhi
• Sakshi

The activity helped students understand the value of the need to reduce, reuse and recycle.

 Runner Up(Jewellery Box), Runner Up(Flower Vase)


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