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Dr KJS Anand says that one must be very careful while choosing a college — Government or private — because it is a place where students have access to innumerable possibilities and also get the right resources to realise their dreams. After completing school, choosing the right college is one of the most important decisions that a student takes. The choice he makes at the time determines his whole future in terms of jobs, career growth and standard of life. Many have already got admissions but those who have not got admissions in Delhi University, the hunt is on and the question looms — Government aided or private college. This is because college is not just a place to pursue higher education but it is a place where students have access to innumerable possibilities and they also get the right resources to realise their dreams. The right kind of college will help a student grow, enhance their personality, brush up their skills, provide them with a platform to exhibit their talent and pr…


Dear readers,. It’s our Government dream to see our country reaching to the heights of Development and growth and have joy and cheer on every body’s face and every village and city to be contenetended and prosper It’s a clatter to be a tuff goal to achieve but I am sure it can be achieved with the right set of tools and the right outlook. Governance is a one of the best gizmo to ensure the general growth and happiness. .It is the process for policy formulation and decision- making, to be followed by observing that those decisions are put into practice properly.

 Here we mean, E Governance, which means governing through and for electronic media which is being consider to as better and faster and above all, and is  more convenient. I would like to elaborate here a real life story, of an old woman, who was in a state of distress  was traced in front of my friends  office in Delhi.  She was somewhat physiologically sick and got lost .  She came in contact with my friend, and my friend told  …

Importance of Undergraduate Professional Degrees for Higher Education

India is a developing country and education is the backbone of its progress. The past few years have seen tremendous growth in the Indian job market where employers are increasingly looking for candidates equipped with skills specific to an area. They need professionals who can understand the functioning of a specific industry and deliver as per their requirement. With rapid advancement in all areas of industry whether information, technology, education, management and others, they are looking for very young people who not only have the required skills but also have the foundations to pick up changes in skill requirements in specific areas as fast as possible. This is because it is a known fact that the human brain slows down as we grow older.  It is in this context that undergraduate professional degrees play an important and vital role. Each year thousands of students graduate and start competing in the job market. In a situation like this, it is essential for a student to have an ed…

Queuing Processes in Retail Organizations are on a Transitional Phase

Queuing management is a shared issue in any industry. Whether it be manufacturing or service industry both has its own operational delivery issues and challenges every day. However, in the recent times the queuing management in the retail sector have undergone a paradigm shift. The demographic diaspora in a subcontinent like India has coerced the top notch decision makers to inculcate this transition through the adoption of advanced analytical metrics. Companies like Google, Facebook and other social media platforms have changed the entire dynamics of analytics in the retail industry. Parameters like average amount of footfall the retailers are observing as a metric tool for taking their queuing management decisions like how many payment channels they need to manage or keep functional on certain days. Emphasis is also given on the internet traffic as well certain facts like per bytes of data transfer, the time of visiting a website; no of frames per second time taken by a customer t…

Internet of Things (Welcome to the new ecosystem)

IOT stands for Internet of things. To get familiar with IOT one should be aware about era of M-2-M (i.e.) when two or more machines are communicating to each other directly to achieve a common task eg. Cars, Soft Drinks production houses etc. IOT may also be defined as interconnection of devices over the network  & they are  communicating to each other. The need of IOT arises so that intelligent objects may be auto organised, they may  share information, data & resources etc. IOT may help you in day to day activity like:

·If you forget to lock the door.
·If anybody forgets to take medicine on time.
·If someone is unable to locate car in parking.
·Smart Fans, Televisions etc.

Basic building blocks of IOT are as follows:
·Devices ·Connectivity ·Application Enablement Platforms ·Protocols
Sensing & Acting Devices:
·Sensors ·Actuators
Connectivity through cloud:
·Device Level from all Sensors. ·Hub Level from the gateway to the internet cloud. ·Cloud level from the system. ·Application Lev…

IMS Noida hosted panel discussion in PHD Chamber

IMS Noida, one of the leading management institutes of India, carried out an advanced industry panel discussion on “Industry 4.0: Opportunities and Challenges for the Indian Workforce” organised and held in PHD Chamber of Commerce, New Delhi and supported by International Computer Driving License (ICDL). The event was attended by Dr. Ajay Kumar, IAS Additional Secretary, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India. The panel was hosted and moderated by Dr. KJS Anand, Executive Director IMS Noida and he shared that “The future is of interconnected machines that can be virtually integrated in real time with Augmented Reality or Human Interface. Such a Cyber-Physical system would be able to read efficiency slacks, possible down times/shifting bottlenecks, New Demand Centres, Dynamic Pricing, Worrying Health Statistics on the fly and update unrelated remote systems with ease.” The panellist enlightened the importance of new changes relevant for Industry 4.0 an…