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Don’t Decimate Your Desires – Adopt Law For A Fulfilling Career

A couple of days earlier when I was having interaction with one of the aspiring law students’ parent who shared his observation with me saying that today there is dismal job prospects or no occupational opportunities even for Technical Professions like B. Tech and B.E or if there is any that too is offering such a meagre salary which is insufficient and inadequate to meet two times meals in metropolitan cities. His thought led me to thinking as to which career has its perennially growing existence and no threat to its survival? And other question which too marched in brain was with what objectives we shape or stumble upon to the career by design or by chance?  Then quickly responded my mind that career is shaped for three specific reasons: 1) To earn Livelihood euphemistically saying otherwise to mint money so that one may support one’s own survival as well as well as of those who are dependent on him. Moreover, one can have more than enough money so that the standard of life may be m…