Dear Students,
At the outset, a hearty welcome to you all to this blog, another initiative being rolled out with a view to build a better YOU.  I hope that each one of you goes through this blog religiously and benefits with the thoughts shared. I would also welcome your feedback on it – queries, clarifications, suggestions etc.
You are at the threshold in your life which is the transition from a student to a professional in the Corporate World. Excellence in your core skills in the IT sector that you are associated with is an absolute necessity. However core skills which are largely technical in nature alone would not be enough to bring out the best in you in the professional arena. Companies today look forward to a “complete” inductee who is proficient in the core as well as soft skills. The combination of Soft Skills with the core ones is what makes a professional deliver and meet the expectations of the employers.
Having said that, I would now like to briefly take you through some of the important basic soft skills and as we go along, we would broaden our horizon.  The basic and must have soft skills for any IT professional are Communication, Team work, Leadership and Interpersonal Skills.
Communication skills prepare you to be able to read, write and speak   with clarity and effectively addressing the target audience. This is the skill which at times could make or break your project depending upon the way you put across it.
IT professionals, good in their respective fields, could remain in their water tight silos, leading to a low efficiency level. It is an individual’s ability to be a good Team player which breaks the barriers, ensuring a great delivery.
 Technical knowledge is important but what differentiates between the “Leaders” and the “also ran” is the Leadership qualities the individual develops and demonstrates, thus making Leadership skills a must have acquisition in any IT professional to achieve the desired growth in his career.
Every organization is an integrated group of human resources and therefore the need of good Inter Personal Relationship between the individual members of the group. Interpersonal Skills is one which differentiates, the great employees with ability to interact with others effectively, from those who are not so. This skill encompasses other soft skills like communication, team work, trust building, good relationships etc.

I hope the first edition of this blog has enthused the desire in each one of you to imbibe the above soft skills, a must have quality to become a great professional instead of an ordinary one. Thank you for your attention and looking forward to your feedback.

Courtesy: Ms. Ayushi Alagh  (Faculty, IMS Noida)


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