New Member (Lambda Expressions) in Java 8

Lambda statement will be another furthermore essential characteristic of Java which have been incorporated to Java SE 8. Lambda expressions are essential to define inline implementation of a Functional interface, i.e. , an interface with a single method only. Lambda expression dispenses with the need of an anonymous class and provides for a straightforward yet capable practical modifying proficiency with java. Preceding lambda expression, anonymous inner class have been the only choice on execute the method. In other words, it is a substitution of Java anonymous inner class, which is used if we have to pass some functionality to any method. Java lambda expression may be dealt as a function, so compiler doesn't make. class file. They need no access modifier(private, public or protected), no return type and no name.

              (parameters) -> {body}
Lambda operator
Java Lambda Expression comprised of three segments:
1) Parameters: It could a chance to be void or non-empty also.
2) Arrow-token: It will be used to join parameters and  body for expression/statement.
3) Body: It holds expressions and statements for lambda expression.

"takes no value and returns 9"

Functional Interface
In Java, A marker interface will be an interface with no methods or fields declaration. Over basic words, marker interface will be a void interface. Similarly, a Functional Interface is an interface with only "one abstract method". Lambda expression gives implementation of Functional interface. It is indicated by an annotation @FunctionalInterface, an interface type which is used to declare an interface. It is used for compiler level errors , the point when the interface we have annotated is not a substantial Functional Interface.
Eg:-  java.lang.Runnable is an example of a Functional interface. There is only one method void run().
public Interface Runnable
                public abstract void run();


Courtesy: Ms. Nancy Mendiratta (Faculty, IMS Noida)

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