Professional ethics is a set of rules that govern natural behavior within the context of a particular profession.Here are some tips on professional behaviors at work.Remember employers often look more at the soft skills and expect your commitment to them.You need to make sure you attend work on the agreed days and times. It is always best to turn up earlier for work so you are ready to start on time. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for the job role. Clean and Odor free clothes should be worn. Be respectful and supportive of colleagues. Also respect confidentiality.

In the today’s cyber world the security related with the companies data is much more concern. Hackers can use IP address and try to access computer data for their selfish reasons. So be careful in storing and retrieving the data. Immediate stop inappropriate use of computing resources. Follow up software piracy rules. One should act with integrity. Effective communication is essential e.g. Verbal, written and unspoken. Remember body language needs to be positive. Apart from the way you are towards colleagues, customers and suppliers your attitude can be interpreted or misinterpreted through your body language. Now let’s talk about organizational skills in which one should meet worktargets,for this be Able to Meet Short Notice Deadlines meet requirements and respond to requests from others. Use the technology to arrange up file documents neatly in your computer, secondary storage devices or cloud-based storage. Contribute to the work of others to maintain effective working relationships and working co-operatively with colleagues. Start trying to reward yourself for do good efforts.One should schedule time regularly to think about what he or she want from his/herjoblife. Habits play important roles in achieving future goals. So always checks your habits. Actually the results of bad habits often don’t come on surface until much later. So keep track your negative habits which can lead to negative circumstances.

Courtesy: Mr. Sudhir Sagar (Faculty, IMS Noida)

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