IMS Noida held Orientation for BALLB Students

Institute of Management Studies Noida’s IMS Law College has organized orientation program of BALLB as token of Opening of the College. The invitees of the occasion were Advocate Dr. Adish Aggarawal, former Vice-Chairman of Bar Council of India and Mr. Rajeev Goswami. The program started with lamp lightening and presentation of good luck plant to the guests as token of honor.
Mr. Alok Agrawal has, in his welcome address, extended hardly welcome to the guests. Focusing on the brief development of the IMS Law College, he emphasized on the legal acquaintance of the students besides text books. He insisted on the presentation and communication with deep study. He told  about the Legal Advisory Committee and Consumer Club and the availability of online journal Manupatra and SCC online and Faculty Development Program along with classes being taken by the Advocates to make aware to the students about the new laws, enactments and repeal of laws etc. He announced to provide free legal aid to the poor and to establish a Mediation Center in the IMS Campus with the help of Advocates.

Chief Guest Advocate Dr. Adish C. Aggarawal, worked with eight Prime Ministers of different ruling parties and have been Additional Advocate General of State of Uttar Pradesh and Punjab simultaneously, delighted to be part of the program. He Congratulated students to study in the quality legal education providing institution like IMS Law College, Noida. He emphasized on the essentiality of law education in every courses, not extensively but little bit, not only to be a lawyer but to be responsible good citizen also. He has proposed to the Central Government in this regard during his tenure which has been accepted by the Government. Comparing Government Law Colleges and Private Law Colleges he advocated for the Private Law Colleges in terms of availability of good teachers. He advised to the students to do sincere study against the heavy expenses bored by their parents. He again emphasized that performance matters not the amount. He made aware to the students about the legal professional ethics, in the violation of which disciplinary action can taken by the Bar Council of India and even License can be cancelled.

Mr. Rajeev Goshwami, exemplifying by Chinese Marshal Art champion, insisted to the students to decide their goal. He suggested to the students to read business news papers to be aware with the daily changes. Further he asked to the students to make legal analysis of the case laws and to enter into debate, quiz and moot courts etc.


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