Panel Discussion on ' Changing Patterns of Education Boards Expectations in 2015',

Education today has become a norm and this norm is changing every now and then .With the paterns being changed ,with the newer forms upheld ,patrons of the education system do find it  convineant somewhere and also raise questions on the need for the same  .Keeping in mind the talk of time for patterns being changed for all education boards ,a Panel Discussion was held with Principals and senior academic incharges of Schools in Noida and Ghaziabad .The discussion was co-ordinated by Barsha Chabaria –Stataionhead ,Salaam Namaste Community Radio  .The discussion for the panel brightly opened up with exemplary words and ideas of Dr .Prof .N.K.Trikha Sir –Dean SJMC . The panel was also joined by Dr .Anand Pahari –HOD SJMC  and Dr Manju Gupta – Associate Dean –I.T Principals and senior academicians from schools  Pathways –Noida ,Om-Foundation –Noida and Indirapuram School –Pratap Vihar and Indirapuram School –Indirapuram branch added value to the discussion .It was shared by Dr .N.K.Trikha Sir that parents being concerned about the future of their wards ,it’s a duty of the teachers to impart education as per the norms laid and we as media institutes also carry the responsibility to spread awareness of the changing norms and equally share the impacts in the society.Dr Manju Gupta shared that a teacher has to be a big learner first to teach the students ,hence learning the changing norms is also a duty of a teacher .Dr Anand Paharia shared Education today has become a passion by and large and hence the passion has to be imbibed amongst the students with the changing proforma .Mr Alexander Abraham ,Principal Senior School –Pathways Noida expressed that Pathways have been following a different board of International Baccalaureate ,where each student is more of a researcher and that the result of each student is celebrated as per the IB norms ,hence there have been no great changes but more of introductions .By 2016 they also expect e-assessments to be included ,hence they find their education pattern to be new and changes were welcome to be newer .Dr Rekha Mahajan ,Principal –OM Foundation School ,Noida raised issue of value education being missing and with pressure to combat morality being decreased.Sir Ashish Mittal ,Senior –incharge of Indirapuram Public School –Pratap Vihar branch and Head of examinations –Indirapuram Group of institutions ,raised questions on inclusion of different proficiency tests being included by CBSE and that post the introduction of CCE ,pressure of abiding the norms have been surmounting not only on the students but more on the teachers .Ms Monika Gupta from Indirapuram Public School ,Indirapuram branch replicated the views of the earlier spokes person and shared that a need has arised that CBSE should introduce their representatives for schools for smooth functioning Madame Nibedita Patra –Principal –Setu Foundation School and Madame Shilpi Arora –Vice –Principal –Setu Foundation School shared that with enhancement of administrative requirements teaching staff are left with nothing but confusion and with this state the standards of education for students are also diminishing.Students participating in the discussion also had the opportunity to ask questions from the eminent panelists.With an aim for awareness for the community the Panel Discussion proved really discussion-worthy and all panelists expressed their urge to raise such discussions on important topics frequently .The Panel wrapped the discussion with token of thanks for views presented by each one of them .

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