Donate for NEPAL-Help the Mankind

As we all know that Nepal was recently hit by a 7.9 rector scale earthquake having its epicentre in a place nearby the capital Kathmandu. The condition being critical and all the facilities are down due to the vast destruction in the country . This has created a panic situation for all and the condition is not yet stable.There is a massive rate of deaths caused by the earthquake which has almost reached 3000 people and more. Many are still missing and rescue team from all around the world are helping out. Therefore,  a fund raiser program has been organized for three days starting from 30th April 2015 within the campus. The donation box has been placed at the reception. Those who want to help can put their contribution in the box.I would like to request you to all to help the mankind as every contribution will make a huge difference in lives. The following Students are working as volunteers :                                                                            BIPUL OJHA (BBA) - 9958724355                                                                                           DIPESH(BBA)8447216775                                                                                                                                           We should Help each other, human to human, hand to hand . Let us all be united for the welfare of many lives.


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