SJMC  made a media visit to India TV for students to participate in one of their most popular & prestigious shows "Fir Bano Champion" came over as an opportunity to the upcoming change makers. The students of SJMC, experienced it . The show was empanelled by Mandira Bedi,Yashpal Sharma, Chetan Sharma and the host was Saurav Sharma.The show was very informative and discussion took place between audience and panel of experts regarding the  current scenario of Indian cricket team in this ongoing world cup 2015 and mainly focused on the next match of the tournament. The discussion covered every possible angle of the given subject. Anchor Saurav Sharma raised many questions which was counter attacked by the panel. The audience comprised of mostly college students who also huge cricket fans who also painted their face with the tricolour.It was a great opportunity for the students  to enrich the qualities & curiosities of our aspiring journalists. The beginning and the ending of the show both were equally entertaining and overwhelming.

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