Munshi Premchand was a famous writer of modern Hindi-Urdu literature.  He was a novel writer, story writer, dramatist. He is known as "Upanyas Samrat" which means a great emperor amongst novel writers.In fact he is also quoted as the Father of Hindi Literature .

31st july is celebrated as the Birth Anniversary of this iconic writer .
People of all ages have always been a huge follower of his Short Stories .All his stories have always been topical and relative to real life incidents .Till today ,when we read stories like 'Eid Gaah',or 'Budhi Kaki' ,it becomes so visulalising as if the incidents shown in those stories were seen just next door .
              To salute his immortal Stories ,Community Radio Salaam Namaste has initiated to produce and broadcast his stories .In this series for SALAAM THEATRE ,we have already produced his special stories like 'Eid Gaah ',"Poos Ki Raat " ,"Burhi Kaaki" etc . .These programes have been shared nationwide amongst all Community Radio stations of India .This initiative to salute our national language Hindi was also appreciated by the ex-Joint Secretary of Ministry Of Information and Broadcasting  Madame Supriya Sahu Jee.
Further ,more of his stories shall be produced and made ready for broadcast .
                      Each story is contributed for Scripting ,Characterization ,Voicing ,Editing ,Mixing and Final Output by Students of Institute Of Management Studies Noida and by Community talent  .It gives me real pleasure to have Capacity building work for our Community Radio Station,through this creative produce.
This 31st July students from SJMC :::: Sakshi Uniyal ,Sheeba ,Divyanshi and Akshita along with Jr Rj Milind ,Jr Sai and Jr Rj Pearl were a part of the production
Scripting was done by Sakshi Uniyal [Student Of SJMC ,IMS Noida ]

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