‪IMSNOIDA‬ has conducted BCA ‪‎Induction Programme‬.


Institute of Management Studies, Noida has conducted an induction programme for Second year and final year students of BCA on 10th , August, 2015. The aim of the program was to orient students about their course and to make them aware about what is expected from them both in-house and industry.
The program started at 10:30 AM in the esteemed presence of Dr. Manju Gupta (Associate Dean-IT, IMS Noida) & faculty members of IT department.
Our MCA and BCA students Purva Gupta & Archita Babuta was the master of the entire event by anchoring the program ceremony.
Dr. Manju Gupta (Associate Dean- IT, IMS Noida), welcomed the students of IT by an inspirational speech. 
Ms. Kalpana Sinha (Enterpreneurship Cell,Head) started with the motivational thoughts about life. Further she told students about entrepreneurship & its relevance. She asked about the understandings of the students and some basic level inquiries. Then she detailed about the project initiative being taken by the IMS in association with DIA for establishment of entrepreneur cell. She asked about idea generation, involvement and active participation on behalf of students and in actual establishment of their ideas into reality for future vision of the management students. 
Ms. Barsha Chabaria talks about “IMS Nerdu” i.e. Nerd(a fictional character) which Institute of Management Studies, Noida introduced. Nerdu truly believes in the freedom of expression. He is the reflection of the Y- generation which is fearless, passionate and always voices their opinion. He represents the youth who is aware and want to bring about a positive change in the society.
Ms. Monika Dixit Bajpai (PC- BCA) apprised the students about the programme, its significance and career options available after the course. She briefed the students about the Code of Conduct , workshops , guest lectures and the same to be conducted by the students themselves. She also further briefed them for subject faculties, research programme and other related affairs.
This was followed by the game which was conducted by Faculty members.
Game Name: The Tallest Tower
Objective :
 Team Building
 Memory pace
 Quick action 
 Analytical thinking
Game Methodology:
Tallest Tower is a simple Teambuilding activity that involves creativity, planning and teamwork. Build the tallest tower using balloons and clear tape which should be self sustainable as well as properly structured.The Game was then ended with the Prize Distribution to the winning team and to the other participants as well.

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