Internet of Things (Welcome to the new ecosystem)

IOT stands for Internet of things. To get familiar with IOT one should be aware about era of M-2-M (i.e.) when two or more machines are communicating to each other directly to achieve a common task eg. Cars, Soft Drinks production houses etc. IOT may also be defined as interconnection of devices over the network  & they are  communicating to each other. The need of IOT arises so that intelligent objects may be auto organised, they may  share information, data & resources etc. IOT may help you in day to day activity like:

         ·        If you forget to lock the door.
         ·        If anybody forgets to take medicine on time.
         ·        If someone is unable to locate car in parking.
         ·        Smart Fans, Televisions etc.

Basic building blocks of IOT are as follows:

·        Devices
·        Connectivity
·        Application Enablement Platforms
·        Protocols

Sensing & Acting Devices:

 ·        Sensors
·        Actuators

Connectivity through cloud:

·         Device Level from all Sensors.
·         Hub Level from the gateway to the internet cloud.
·         Cloud level from the system.
·         Application Level.

Communication Patterns:

·         Telemetry
·         Inquiries
·         Commands
·         Notification

Smart Use Cases:

·         Smart Agriculture
·         Smart Healthcare
·         Smart City
·         Smart Home

Sensors play a very important role just to exemplify IOT for Kids is not new we all are already
using it as if you see a hot coffee mug ,suppose accidentally a kid touches it and feels the
sensation then this sensation is stored in the brain .This process in which sense organs and brain
plays a vital role as you can see what impact it puts on a kids brain and next time if he/she see’s
the  hot coffee mugs what does he/she remember as per sensor’s.

Similarly many Man-Made sensor technology based on IOT devices are available for Kids:

·         Wrist phone
·         GPS Watch
·         Smart Locator
·         Ubooly: The connected toy that helps kids learn.
·         Talkies: A new Way to chat with kids.
·         Smart thermometer
·         Smart Kids Weighing machine.
·         Smart baby monitor.

Courtesy: Ms. Neetu Singh (Faculty, IMS Noida)


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