Dear readers,. It’s our Government dream to see our country reaching to the heights of Development and growth and have joy and cheer on every body’s face and every village and city to be contenetended and prosper
It’s a clatter to be a tuff goal to achieve but I am sure it can be achieved with the right set of tools and the right outlook.
Governance is a one of the best gizmo to ensure the general growth and happiness. .It is the process for policy formulation and decision- making, to be followed by observing that those decisions are put into practice properly.

 Here we mean, E Governance, which means governing through and for electronic media which is being consider to as better and faster and above all, and is  more convenient.
I would like to elaborate here a real life story, of an old woman, who was in a state of distress  was traced in front of my friends  office in Delhi.  She was somewhat physiologically sick and got lost .  She came in contact with my friend, and my friend told  that the lady could speak only the broken Hindi. she was wandering in Delhi to be in touch with her family members ..  Knowing her with her appearance and slang of language my friend had a wild guess of her being the resident of Rajasthan. Friend asked for her village  in Rajasthan, goggled  for further details as the district  and location of the particular village and somehow located the police station of the Lady’s  village with the help of “YES GOOGLE”. With the help of Govt web sites and Delhi police station he was able to find out the Phone number of the Police station of her Village. He was informed about her missing from last 15-20 days. My Friend informed her presence to the police and requested to collect her from Delhi and thus helped in family reunion.
Thus this all was possible only because of digitalization Digitization gives a chance  to every Indian citizen  to be a participant  of the daily functioning of the government -be it paying taxes or sending suggestions on government portals ,
Digitalization is being expected to smoothen our daily lives, It’s a Dream and lets all work together to fulfill this dream and make our economy a digital economy.
Jai Hind Jai Bharat

Courtesy: Neelam Sheoliha 
 (Faculty, IMS Noida) 


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